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Residential Flooring - Stair Runners

If you’re searching for the right floor covering for your stairs, a stair runner could be the classic, yet creative, solution you’ve been searching for.

Warm and inviting, stair runners add the perfect welcoming touch to your stairway and soften the acoustics compared to a bare staircase, yet they offer an elegant alternative to a fully fitted staircase by keeping the edges of the staircase on show. We can supply classic options as well as colourful and modern alternatives in carpets and sisal.

Many of our suppliers sell their products in multi width meaning you can also match up your landing, hall or perhaps a rug.

We can fit stair runners on any staircase be it straight or winding. They can have a raw edge if the width fits your staircase, can be supplied with a wool whipped edge or a cotton, linen or leather taped border, giving our customers a huge choice of colour & style options to get the exact ‘look’ they are searching for.

We can also supply and fit stair rods to compliment your stair runners.