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Top 5 2022 Must-Have Interior Trends

Here at our carpet shop in Kidderminster, we believe a fresh start to a new year is a great way to kick it off. Now’s the time to think about how we can level up our homes, in line with the 2022 must-have interior trends. It’s safe to say that, over the last couple of years, our homes have transformed massively, from makeshift working at home offices to home-schooling classrooms and everything in between. Now, it’s time to create spaces that embrace these new trends!

So, here are a few tips on how you can prepare and redesign your home for 2022…

At-Home Offices

It appears that, for many of us, working from home is here to stay. So, embrace the home offices and make them an environment you can be productive and feel comfortable in. To do this, the best place to start is by creating a space that is solely for work; try not to let it get overrun with laundry, household paperwork, or your kids’ toys!

The key to making your home office environment a place where you can be productive is making the space feel more inviting to work from. Start with adding some greenery such as houseplants. Not only do they invite the outside inside, but they add a homely feel to the work environment. Ensure you have plenty of natural light, calming colours such as greys, blues and neutrals, and the correct ergonomically-designed chair for good posture. Handy laptop or desktop tables are also great to ensure you are seated correctly.

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Natural Materials

One of our favourite trends heading into 2022 for interior redecoration is the use of natural materials. Being more sustainable is a hot topic at the moment and we all need to do our bit for the environment! So, why not decorate your home with sustainably-made items? Try out materials such as rattan, bamboo or even cork.

Natural carpets are a fantastic way to introduce sustainable materials to the home. Not only are these created with ethical and eco-friendly methods in mind, but they also come in neutral colours that can bring a light, refreshing feel to your home.

Why not visit our carpet shop in Kidderminster and check out our range of natural carpets, such as sisal, jute and seagrass? Or, check out our online range here.

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70s Style

Some styles come, some styles go, and some make a comeback. That’s what’s happened with the 70s style interior décor. It’s all about pattern, pattern, pattern! The iconic 70s style features some amazing designs and does not shy away from bold colours – notably orange, gold, green, brown and blue.

Textured upholstery such as corduroy, bouclé, and quilting all give a comforting, homely feel – perfect for creating a welcoming space in your home. Handmade items such as macrame have also been making a comeback – particularly as lockdown gave people the time to try their hand at arts and crafts!

Another great way to get that 70s look for your home is by introducing animal print. Go for an animal print rug in your living space to create a focal area; you can even design your own Alternative Flooring rug here at Rowe Carpets – just click here at select ‘Make Me a Rug’.

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Alternative Flooring: Deco Blush Carpet

Curved edges

Curved furniture is a design concept that has been in and out for years and is once again making a comeback for the foreseeable future. The most notable piece making a comeback is the curved sofa and this is for many reasons, most notably due to the gravitational pull they play when guests come around. The curves of furniture are a very useful tool in softening a space due to its less boxy feel taking the edge off of a more industrial feel.

There is a whole list of reasons as to why curved furniture will be a good trend for you to follow going into 2022 thanks to their ability to soften the feeling of a space or room, create an intimate conversational space, provide a focal art piece to a room, and finally allow for a great flow throughout your home.

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Here at Rowe Carpets, we’re passionate about transforming spaces and helping people accomplish their dream interior style. Whether you’re looking for rugs, carpets, or kitchen flooring – we can help. Just get in touch with us on 01562 820821 or visit our carpet shop in Kidderminster.