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Spring is around the corner;
Here’s how you can prepare your home for a fresh new feel.

With the UK suffering some of its worst storms for many years, we know it’s difficult to imagine but spring is around the corner. We’re not far from the smell of freshly mowed grass, the sound of birds singing in the air and the lighter, warmer evenings. But is your home ready for this fresh spring feel? We’ve put together some quick tips and recommendations on how you get your home spring ready.

Pick up the paint brush

We say this time and time again because it’s a super simple way to get a new look in no time at all. Fully decorating your entire home can be a costly task, so freshening up some key rooms is an effective way of creating a new feel for your entire home.

We recommend repainting popular rooms to give the colour a refresh so it looks clean and crisp. You could take it a step further and paint a feature wall or chimney breast to create a whole new feel to a room, whilst keeping things simple. We recommend opting for subtle greens or blues as they will add depth to a room and won’t date too quickly.

Bring the outside, in

Introducing greenery into your home can have a number of positive effects on you and your home and can create a more aesthetically pleasing environment. Whether they’re real or artificial, luscious green plants help to lift a room and make the space feel more ‘real.’ Greenery has also been proven to increase happiness and can help to make you feel more grounded in your life.

We recommend planting these in large pots as it will make them easier to move around the house if you fancy a change, or to take with you if you ever move home.

Wash your windows

As the weather brightens and the days feel longer, you’re likely to open your curtains or blinds for a longer period of time. At this point, you may start to notice any grubby marks or stains that are on your windows preventing light coming through.

It doesn’t matter whether you hire a window cleaner or brave it yourself, washing your windows can make a great difference to letting extra light into your home and encouraging that fresh, Spring feeling.

Change up your soft furnishings

Switching up your soft-furnishings is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way of freshening up a room. This is the perfect solution for anyone who has a sofa that is beginning to look tired, but can’t afford to replace it. Introducing soft-furnishings or a rug that accents your colour scheme (perhaps compliments the feature wall you just painted) is a great way to add more depth to your rooms and can help to tie a room together.

Although we can't help you on the soft-furnishing front, we certainly can help you source a rug that's perfect for revamping the look & feel of a room. We have a range of our rugs available to purchase at the click of a button on our online store, or visit our carpet warehouse in Kidderminster and browse our current stock. Want to discuss your project? Give us a call on 01562 820821.