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Best Interior Colour Trends for Winter 2019

Staying up to date with the latest interior design trends can be a tricky task, so we're going to highlight some of our favourite colours that are perfect for your home going into the Winter. Take a look!

Rich Pinks

Pink has become an extremely popular colour since the 'Millennial Pink' colour hit the interior scene all those years ago. Since then, this colour has been used in every way possible, being reimagined to suit the latest trend or season. We recommend staying away from the typical pastel pinks you see in every home and opt for more of a dusty shade, matched with a muted secondary colour to help your pink 'pop'.

Dramatic Blacks

When it comes to creating a dramatic looking room, you can't go wrong with black. Often an underused colour in the home, black is great for creating bold features in a contemporary way. It's also a great way to highlight other colours or textures in a room, like in the picture above. Using a matte black has really brightened the wooden and gold accent elements in the room, as well as draws the eye to key architectural details. Beautifully achieved.

Colour Of The Year - Coral

Since Pantone announced this as the colour of the year, we really have found a new love for Coral in the home. Using this colour in your home is all about going big, bright and bold! As it's quite a difficult colour to match, using it as the primary colour in a room really makes a statement. Accent this with greys and blues to brighten them up and add another dynamic to your room.


Probably the most versatile colour in the industry, Grey is the 'Jack of all trades'. Whether you're looking to use it in your living room or your bathroom, Grey is always in the right place. A huge benefit to this colour is that it lends itself extremely well to other colours; and this is a great money saving hack! Use Grey as the primary colour in a room, then accent it with bolder colours for decoration. This then means, when it comes to updating this room, you only have to update the accent colours and not the entire room! Genius right?

So there you have it! Those are our four colours that we believe will help to transform your house into a home this Winter! If you're on the lookout for a new carpet before the Winter sets in; take a look at our online stock here.