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Home Interior Trends for 2020

We can’t believe that 2019 is already coming to an end! This time of year is bitter sweet for us as it means it’s time to start saying goodbye to some of our favourite trends from the past year, but also, time to say hello to some extremely exciting ones! We’ve decided, to help you make the transition with us, we’d collate a blog based upon the 5 trends that will become super popular next year. So, grab a cuppa, a blanket and some fluffy socks and get cosy whilst you check out the home interior trends for 2020.

Abstract Energy

Trend number one is the super bold, energetic Abstract Energy. This trend is all about fun, free-spirited interiors that take inspiration from abstract expression artwork. We’re talking bold geometric shapes, abstract hand-drawn sketches and playful blocks of colour. The purpose of this trend is to help provoke emotion and create mood.

Choose bold colours and colour combinations, perhaps try burnished red with navy or mustard? This works best for your flat cushions, duvet covers, statement rugs and bold wallpaper designs. This is a look perfect for any room in the house!

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Structured Simplicity

Next up is the trend Structured Simplicity. Evolving from the 2019 trend Nordic Retreat, this one is all about drawing upon simple styles to create maximum impact; focussed upon creating a calm, comfy and chilled-out space for you to relax in.

Structured Simplicity is also about making thoughtful choices for your home that are made upon sustainability. Using crafted, artisan style pieces and raw materials to create an unrefined finish is exactly what this trend is all about. Focus on a neutral palette, with warmer, more yellow based tones than greys and whites to create this look.

Honest Comforts

This one is ideal for the winter, and we strongly suggest getting ahead of the curve and doing this one now, it’s that good. Honest Comforts is all about layering up cushions, throws, knits and faux furs to make your space instantly inviting.

It’s best to use an organic palette of neutral and natural colours; we recommend washed teals and mossy greens to compliment a neutral base colour. This trend is also perfect for homes that boast plenty of character such as natural wooden beams, parquet flooring and bare brick walls. Finish your space with weathered woods, faded tones and time-worn finishes, to create the perfect Honest Comforts trend.

Eclectic Glamour

A move on last season’s Retro Revival, this trend is all about being bold, confident and sassy! It channels thirties sophisticated elegance with a little sexy seventies opulence thrown in!

Furniture with rounded curves and fluid shapes take centre stage in your room, which should be dressed in rich tones for key pieces such as royal blue or ruby, mixed with warmer tones of rose or bronze. It’s also perfect to layer and accessorise with all things 'blingy', using gold, copper, bronze and brass to add a classy touch. Velvet continues to reign in this trend too, so don’t even think about getting rid of your velvet chair!


Japanese design elements have been an undercurrent, running through trends for the last few seasons. Now, finally, it will come into its own! Introducing rich silky textures, graceful bird motifs, stylised oriental prints and structured furniture shapes will help to create this trend in your home.

Japani is a mashup of Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandi-simplicity where the ‘less is more’ approach really comes through. Clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette will help to create this trend in any room in your home. Keep it soft embracing calm tones of pale blue, minted green, light grey and pink with accents of richer shades such as teal, indigo, rust, emerald and black. For furniture, mix pale, blonde Scandi woods with Japanese-style black and darker woods to create depth in your room.

And there you have it. The super quick guide to your home interior trends for 2020. We understand, entirely changing the theme of your home isn’t always the easiest, or cheapest of tasks to undergo. That’s why taking inspiration from the above trends and incorporating elements of them into your home is a much more achievable feat. Changing things like cushions, curtains and rugs are simple ways to recreate these trends without breaking the bank. If you’d like help sourcing new flooring or a new rug for your home, get in touch with us today!