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Brand Bio - Jacaranda Carpets

Let us introduce you to the brilliant Jacaranda Carpets

Jacaranda Carpets came to life in 2003 when a fried dropped an 'interesting' carpet sample onto the desk of Richard Meager. He said to him "It's unusual, handmade in India and great value for it's quality, but sadly not right for my business." So Richard contacted the supplier and within a week had flow out to India and purchased his first container of carpet. Since, Jacaranda has moved from Richard's home into a dedicated warehouse and has trusted distributors across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US.

The beauty of Jacaranda Carpets comes in their commitment to their products and their people. Jacaranda believe in using wool as their primary component due to its renewable & recyclable benefits. It's soft & warm, yet hard-wearing & naturally fire retardant making it perfect for homes. It is also naturally coated in lanolin, which provides natural stain resistance. Not only this, but Jacaranda are committed to ensuring the environment is sustained with a number of their carpets being ECS Certified or holding the Prodis Rating. Jacaranda have also supported the 'Good Weave' campaign for many years ensuring that there are no children working in their supply chain and that every member of staff within their process is well paid and supported.

Each roll of Jacaranda handmade carpet passes through as least 130 skilled hands, across 208 hours, over approximately 26 days. From dying and drying yarn, winding bobbins, warping yarn and hand-weaving on looms; to adding and drying the backing, shearing, hand-finishing and quality control. Every pair of skilled hands involved at each stage, play their part in creating Jacaranda's wonderful natural colour bank and character filled textures.

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