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4 Reasons to Choose Wool for a safer, comfier home

1 - The rich soft feeling of walking on a quality wool carpet is unmatched

But this comfort doesn’t stop with the luxurious softness you’ll enjoy as you relax at home. Natural wool is renowned for heat insulation, keeping in heat and making your home more cosy. A wool carpet can also help insulate against excessive heat and keep rooms cooler in the summer. The unique characteristics of wool also help control humidity in the environment making your home a more comfortable place to live all year round. Your wool carpet will help prevent slips and provides a softer landing if anyone takes a tumble; perfect for homes with small children.

2 - The density and resilience of a wool carpet provides excellent sound insulation and fire retardancy

Ideal for large households struggling to keep the noise down and for anyone living in a flat. Wool carpets are also naturally fire resistant, thanks to the high amount of protein in wool and the ability of wool to absorb moisture from the environment. For wool to ignite, it needs more oxygen than is naturally available in the atmosphere, making it unlikely that it will catch fire.

It’s likely that fire safety isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when choosing a new carpet, but have you ever stopped to consider how much of your home is covered with carpet? The high ignition temperature of wool also adds to its low flammability credentials. You need temperatures of around 600°C to ignite wool – which are unlikely in the early stages of a house fire. Wool also extinguishes quickly and, although wool does smoke when burning, it gives off fumes at a much lower level than other textile fibres, making it a better choice in this respect.

3 - With proper care, it’s easy to keep your wool carpet looking good.

The construction of the wool fibre means your wool carpet is naturally water repellent. Small spills and splashes will do little to affect your carpet if dabbed up quickly. The fibres in wool help repel dirt; keeping the soil particles on the top of the carpet pile so they can easily be vacuumed away. When it’s time for a deeper clean, you can be confident your wool carpet will respond beautifully to a professional clean.

4 - Nature knows best

Coming from a sustainable source, wool carpets impact the environmental less than fully synthetic carpets. Their exceptional durability means they outlast many other natural floor coverings, reducing landfill impact. Buying a British–made carpet means fewer carbon emissions in getting your carpet from our factory to your home.