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3 ways to get the Luxurious Look for Less

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Everyone loves a classy and luxurious interior style, right? Trouble is, it’s so easy to start racking up the costs with expensive fabrics, flooring types and home features. But what if you could do it all for less? Here at our carpet shop in Kidderminster, we believe that a luxurious look is achievable in your home for a reasonable and affordable price. So, here are a few of our top tips!

1. Shop What’s In Stock

A little trick we can recommend to you is to buy carpets that are already in stock. It is much cheaper doing this than choosing a carpet that has to be ordered in.

You’ll never be short of choice at our carpet shop in Kidderminster; we have over 800 rolls of carpet available in our showroom! We stock carpets from top brands, such as Alternative Flooring and Crucial Trading, at the best competitive prices. Pair that with our fantastic customer service, and you get the best opportunity to walk away with quality, luxurious carpet at a reasonable price that’s perfect for you and your home!

2. Use Vinyl instead of tiles

Vinyl offers you a fantastic alternative to traditional tiles. Lightweight and easily maintainable, vinyl is much cheaper than tiling, yet still looks stylish in the home.

It’s also much more practical for homeowners as it can be installed within a day or two and settles quickly. In comparison, tiles offer a more expensive, high-quality flooring, but take much longer to install and settle, meaning your new flooring project will take longer to finish.

Here at our carpet shop in Kidderminster, we have samples of some of the best Vinyl on the market, from top suppliers such as Ultra Grip.

carpet shop in Kidderminster

3. Repurpose Carpet Remnants

Want a new rug, but don’t want to break the bank? You could opt for a carpet remnant with a whipped edge. This is a great way to save yourself some pennies, while still getting a high-quality rug that suits your style.

carpet shop kidderminster

We hope these interior tips have given you some inspiration on how to create a luxurious look in your home, for less! Here at Rowe Carpets, we’re passionate about helping you achieve a luxurious look for an affordable price! Whether you’re looking for rugs, carpets, or flooring – we can help. Just get in touch with us on 01562 820821 or visit our carpet shop in Kidderminster.